John Creamer

Bedrock / NY Love || New York City - USA

One of the more influential and innovating DJ’s and producers in the history of electronic dance music, John Creamer has been at the forefront of his art-form for more than twenty years.


Arriving in New York City in the early 90‘s allowed him to find a sound of his own. Creamer was an immediate success, taking on a managing position in A&R for legendary label Eightball Records and spanning the globe developing relationships with the most important minds in electronic music.


In the 90’s he began putting out his own material, working alongside Sound Factory’s Junior Vasquez. Soon, he would come into contact with the artist with whom he would frame the next phase of his world-renowned career, Stephane K.


Over the years to come, the pair would release some of the most iconic and influential records. Beyond their original singles, the pair produced remixes for the likes of Moby, New Order, Kosheen, Iio and Sinead O’Connor, in a string of #1 billboard dance hits, and countless awards and accolades from the international music community.


Since then, John founded his own label, NYLove in an effort to utilize his skills as a keen eye for undiscovered talent, as well as continue to release his original work – a signature sound that has no doubt been an inspiration to world of music.