Luis Junior

Bedrock / MicroCastle / Mooseekaa / Vapour || Madrid - Spain

Luis Junior has spent the last several years in constant motion, building a discography of genre-defying music that pushes forever forward, designing new stylistic frameworks and breaking new artistic ground with each successive production. Luis has grown into one of the most cutting edge and inspiring artists in electronic music. He gained an immense following over the course of 2010 for his unique and fresh production style that combined melodies, modern day techno sensibilities and an uncanny knack for creating unrelenting, infectious grooves.


The Spanish born Madrid based producer shot into the electronic music spotlight with his productions for John Digweed's Bedrock label however early in his career Luis found himself making many appearances on Ibiza chill-out compilations for it was his incredibly textured and lush sounding down tempo productions such as "Momentos" and "Luminis" that got him noticed. It wasn't until his remix of Baboop's "Yes We Can" was championed by Sasha through much of 2009 that Luis' name starting buzzing throughout the electronic music underground. Following that Luis crafted "Colache" which caught the ear of John Digweed who immediately signed it for Luis' first Bedrock single.


"Colache" and "BG" both for Bedrock and his remix of Cid Inc & Lank's "Coronal Mass" for microCastle were 3 of 2010s biggest crossover tracks, all which earned support from John Digweed and Hernan Cattaneo. The first half of 2011 only saw Luis grow even larger with his remixes of Monaque's "ID" again for microCastle and Infusion's "Love and Imitation" for Kasey Taylor's Vapour Recordings. Both tracks earned huge worldwide support and massive chart success on Beatport.


This string of revolutionary productions quickly shot Luis into the DJ spotlight as well as he is now not only one of the most in demand producers on the planet but DJs as well. 2011 saw Luis with gigs in the UK, Spain, Russia, USA, Netherlands, Greece, Romania, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Kosovo where the reactions to his fresh sound and unique programming were spectacular. With gig offers coming in from: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Panama, Ukraine, Lithuania, Hungary, China, Japan, Belgium, Germany, France, India, Singapore, Dubai and the Dominican Republic for 2012 it looks set to be another groundbreaking year for Luis as he continues to push his fresh electronic sound.


The first quarter of 2012 saw Luis not only continue his momentum but strengthen it yet again. With two more Beatport Top 20 remixes delivered for Guy J's "Pathos" and DNYO's "Aquatika" which came courtesy of Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat imprint and microCastle respectively; Luis' unique sound appears to be something that electronic music fans just can't get enough of. The dawn of 2012 saw Luis launch his own digital imprint "mooseekaa". Luis' own "Alib" was the label's first release and it went down as one of the most hyped and sought after tracks of the year. It earned steady play with huge dance floor reactions from Hernan Cattaneo who championed the composition for several months and with the remixes being provided by Monaque and Ryan Davis it has been one of 2012s most impressive packages. With the "mooseekaa" catalog now up to five releases that included remix appearances by King Unique and Cid Inc the label has quickly developed into one of this year's most intriguing and chased imprints. Luis' "Playa", "Deep Dip" and "Athens" (all for mooseekaa) have all earned similar chart success and DJ support as the labels inaugural release. The remainder of 2012 shows no signs of "mooseekaa" slowing down as Guy J, Max Cooper, 16 Bit Lolitas and of course Luis himself are all set to embark on projects for the label.


Not content with producing and DJing live Luis also focuses his efforts to further promote electronic music and culture through his mooseekaa radio show which was established in 2008. Luis however began his radio days in 1988 when he was just 15 years old and quickly worked his way to a professional radio spot in 1993. mooseekaa Radio has been pushing boundary breaking electronic music for the last four years. The recently revamped show is back and bigger than ever with Luis set to showcase upcoming releases from his mooseekaa label, exclusive edits of his own productions and the freshest most cutting electronic music on the planet.